Result of ETT Backlog posts of FF and Handicapped (Updated on 12-12-2019)
Not eligible to eligible candidates of ETT Backlog post of FF and Handicapped

ETT Backlog withheld eligible candidate (Updated on 13-09-2019)

Scrutiny of documents of ETT Backlog posts absent candidates (Updated on 11-09-2019)
List of Absent Candidates of ETT Backlog Posts

Regarding ETT Backlog Withheld cleared candidate (Updated on 24-July-2019)

Freedom Fighter Eligible Candidates (Updated on  20-06-2019)
Freedom Fighter Not Eligible Candidates
Hearing Handicapped Eligible Candidates
Hearing Handicapped Not Eligible Candidates
Ortho Handicapped Eligible Candidates
Ortho Handicapped Not Eligible Candidates
Ortho Handicapped Withheld Candidates
Visual Handicapped Eligible Candidates
Visual Handicapped Not Eligible Candidates

Publice Notice for Leftout candidates (Updated on  03-May-2019)
List of leftout candidates for scrutiny

Public Notice of Absentees ETT Backlog Posts (Updated on 03-May-2019)
List of Candidates :-
 List of Freedom Fighter Absentees || List of Hearing Handicapped Absentees
 List of Ortho Absentees || List of Visual Hearing Absentees

List of Candidates :-
 List of Freedom Fighter Candidates || List of Hearing Handicapped Candidates
 List of Ortho Handicapped Candidates || List of Visual hearing Candidates

» Public Notice for Counselling of ETT Backlog Applicants
» Instructions for Candidates
» Scrutiny Form || » Paste on File Cover
» Self Declaration for BC Candidates
» Self Declaration Form Regarding Educational Qualifications

» Recruitment of ETT teachers for Handicapped and Freedom Fighter Categories
» Letter No. 503 dated 27-11-2000 regarding Freedom Fighters
» Letter No. 1252 dated 02-05-1997 regarding Physically Handicapped
» Copy of Govt. Notification
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